Project Management

Blue Moon has established a very well recognised name in the field of

agricultural development and funded projects.We believe that we can make a difference in Egypts agricultural sector through the implementation of nationwide development projects, focusing on Good Practice and improved quality of product.We believe that the best way for

Egyptian growers to excel in their activities,is by linking them to export markets and broadening their horizons as well as our own. With that being said Blue Moon is currently managing and implementing the “PREMIUM PROJECT” in collaboration with USAID. Working with approximately 4000 growers, across Egypt’s vast agricultural lands, on developing their capacity and means to market, operate, and sell their products on an international level.

We aim on extending our knowledge and experience to foster convergence and collaboration between stakeholders within our sphere of influence, and we believe that moving forward with partners is far more bennificial to moving forward by ourselves. With that respect Blue Moon has a highly qualified network of partner companies that we work with on implementing these projects to achieve the highest level of quality within our results.

To see more on the projects we have worked on in the past and are currently working on now, please visit the OUR PROJECTS page.