1st party auditing

In some cases, organizations might not have sufficient human resources to conduct a self-assessment or an internal audit to verify their compliance level to international standards: In such cases,Blue Moon conducts the self assessment / internal audit

on behalf of the organization and if needed, we can also help identify the root cause of issues and suggest preventive and corrective action and follow up on their efficiency.

2nd party auditing

In this case our international customers will ask us to carry out an audit on their suppliers in the Middle East and North Africa for a specific international standard or the standard set by the customer. Following this our team will visit the site carry out the audit and report its findings to the customer in a highly professional and efficient manner. Identifying the root cause of any issues, deciding on the required corrective action, and following up on its proper implementation

3rd party auditing

Some of our employees are certified FLOCERT auditors and have the ability to conduct a FLOCERT 3rd party audit.