3rd party Independent sampling


Chemical contamination represents a major concern across the supply chain and among consumers. Proactive food safety management systems are required to increase confidence in products placed on the market for human consumption.

Blue Moon works alongside Food Experts, Spain to provide an independent residue-monitoring program in Egypt. Many international retailers, local fruit and vegetable suppliers, as well as exporters subscribe to the program in an effort to increase trust in the Egyptian produce while reducing cost. Food Experts, independent residue monitoring program incorporates the following activities:

  • Register producers and relevant production sites
  • Link the producers to their relevant supply chain based on access rights
  • Develop a chemical residue risk assessment study for each producer
  • Specify the number of samples per product throughout the season
  • Implement the independent residue monitoring program
  • Publish analysis results via Food Experts Portal
  • Review and discuss results with the producers if and when there is a need.

For more information please visit the FoodExperts website at www.food-experts.com