Declaration of Abu Dhabi

In 2014 Blue Moon was among the signatories comprised of the internationally

recognised market leaders in the food sector.In pursuit of a food secure world, The Declaration of Abu Dhabi unites public and private partners committed to developing and adopting a common set of criteria for good agricultural practices along with supporting farm identification and reporting systems. The common criteria built upon established and ongoing work in all aspects of good agricultural practices, including food safety, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility. The resulting public criteria will serve as a consistent language for sustainability evaluation, applicable to farms of all sizes worldwide, and a foundation for the purposes of training, compliance and assessment. Our success will enable critical efficiencies and speed adoption of sustainable agriculture practices, yielding a safe and plentiful food supply.

As the global population rises, we are increasingly constrained by the finite resources available for agriculture and aquaculture. We need higher productivity and a more efficient use of natural resources to ensure that a growing world population can overcome hunger and malnutrition, without compromising biodiversity and eco-systems.

There is a broad consensus that many current agricultural practices are unsustainable. Full internalization of the external costs of agricultural production (degradation of soils, depletion of fresh water resources, loss of biodiversity, contribution to climate change, social inequities, etc.) will not be realized in the foreseeable future. At the same time, there is little willingness in the market to pay for more sustainable alternatives.

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