During our work on the premium project, we were faced with some challneges regarding the logistics of getting the Egyptian small

grower’s products to their customers.After helping these growers comply with fairtrade standards we later found that there were no exporters willing to take the risk of working with small growers that were also

registered as Fairtrade exporters.It was in that moment that our export initiative began.

We are extremely focused on only working with small growers in our export activities. Furthermore we are only exporting products belonging to growers that are producing certified GLOBALG.A.P. and/or Fairtrade products. It is part of our dream to connect small growers to export markets, and we will always put all our efforts into making our dream as an organisation come true.

As a new player in the export game, Blue Moon is still fresh to the ins and outs of the export industry, however due to our extensive background in social responsibility and ethical compliance, we are extremely focused on maintaining all due diligence required by our customers and always ensuring a SAFE, ETHICAL and HIGH QUALITY product

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