Blue Moon provides an extensive range of consulting services that are designed to achieve progressive compliance to good

practice as stated in international standards and expected by international consumers.Priority is always given to food safety, traceability, and responsible sourcing.

Having great relationships with our Customers, and constantly supporting them during and after we provide our service is the highest of priorities at Blue Moon. We are a family run business, and the customers that we work with immediately become a part of that family. We recognise that after our services have been provided any success they have is reflected on to us and vice a versa. That is exactly why it is imperative that we maintain a strong supportive role with our clients for the long term.

With a highly qualified team collectively holding over 30 years of experience in consultation, capacity building, and auditing, Blue Moon is extremely familiar and involved in the international standards of the agricultural sector. We have worked very closely with some of the biggest names in the industry and have had a strong impact on the awareness implementation and sustainability of said standards here in Egypt

To see more on the projects we have worked on in the past and are currently working on now, please visit the ABOUT US page.